Growing More in Love

October 31, 2011

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson know the secret to a happy marriage.

When Tom Hanks accepted the Golden Globe award for Big in 1989, he closed his lighthearted speech with a nod to hisnew wife, Rita Wilson. “I married a Greek babe…. Her folks are great; she’s marvelous. Thank you babe for marrying me; you made my year already.”

Fast-forward through the years. As their credits and fame grew, both for acting and producing, so did their family, with two sons in addition to a daughter and son from Hanks’ previous marriage. Last April, they celebrated their 22nd anniversary, a feat that’s rare for any couple, celebrity or not.

How do they make it work? “By not letting it fail,” Hanks told a reporter—letting being the operative word.

Wilson’s take: “We have a great time together; we have shared values and a desire to be committed to each other.”

Hanks and Wilson haven’t been shy about expressing the intensity of that commitment, either.

When Hanks accepted the AFI Life Achievement Award, he said, “I have been blessed beyond deserving. Since 1988, I have been happy in the warm embrace of a big, fat Greek family. I’m here because of my wife, Rita Wilson. She is the motivation of my best work. I wish everyone could share their life with as good a friend, as passionate a lover, as close a partner and as beautiful a woman as I have been able to with the mate of my soul, Rita Wilson.”

The couple’s life demonstrates that a happy, successful marriage requires ample servings of love, laughter and commitment. A little baklava now and then makes it even sweeter.

Source : Success Magazine