Cloud Atlas comedy smack down: Tom Hanks vs. Halle Berry

October 16, 2012

Welcome to the Cloud Atlas battle of wits.

In one corner (of the table), we have two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks, star of Cloud Atlas and former cross-dressing thespian who tried to have his coming out party with the early '80s sitcom, Bosom Buddies.

In the other corner, we have Academy Award winner Halle Berry, another star of Cloud Atlas, and former beauty queen who was first runner up in the 1986 Miss USA Pageant.

Hanks and Berry were promoting Cloud Atlas at a Beverly Hills hotel on the weekend when they traded droll blows.

Setting up the snappy patter was Berry who was doing her best to explain what the complicated philosophical aspects of reincarnation defined in Cloud Atlas meant to her.

"Well, I've kind of always had that philosophy of life," said Berry. "I've always believed in it. Tom and I..."

"We argue," said Hanks.

"We fight on this subject," admitted Berry. "It just affirmed things that I've always believed. I think I started off very young in my life questioning...for a while I was studying Buddhism because that's what was in my...

"This was during the Miss Teen America years?" Hanks said. "Easy now."

Berry smirked. "I really do love him though, I do," said Berry turning to Hanks. "No, it was the Bosom Buddy years."

"I'll give you a hash mark on there," said Hanks, pretending to make a mark. "Well played, Halle Berry."

And the winner by a decision is - you decide.

By Bob Thompson

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