Average Joe Versus the Icons

November 07, 1999 - Los Angeles Times

Average Joe Versus the Icons: Tom Hanks plays the heroes, but don't discount his ability to portray the little guy or evil. Steve Martin cornered Tom Hanks at a party a few months ago and asked the two time Oscar winner the question that has occurred at least once to any perceptive...

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Woody rides again


Academy Award winner Tom Hanks hops into the saddle once again, having a rip-roarin' good time as Sheriff Woody. Best known for his roles in "Forrest Gump," "Apollo 13," and "Saving Private Ryan," Tom thoroughly enjoyed stepping into Woody's boots for an...

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Tom Hanks, You've Got Mail Interview

December 1998 - Cranky Critic® StarTalk

Well here we go again. Tom Hanks. Meg Ryan. Nora Ephron all reteamed for another romantic comedy... Well, you don't really treat it like a romantic comedy. Essentially, romantic comedies mean somebody works a lot longer on my hair than they usually do. The rest of it is you show up and...

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Message in a battle

July 24, 1998 - Entertainment Weekly

Steven Spielberg had one overriding mission. Stop. To make the most realistic film possible about the horros of combat. Stop. For his tale of 8 soldiers sent behind enemy lines to rescue on man, the director subjected his stars to rain, rations, physical and mental abuse -- All in the name of...

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To: Yahoo! Internet Life readers

1998 - Yahoo!

In a rare interview on the set of his new movie, Tom Hanks tells West Coast Editor David Sheff how he feels when his computer announces, "You've Got Mail"! To: Yahoo! Internet Life readers From: Tom Hanks I finally got online for the first time, for my upcoming movie....

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Hanks for the memories

October 11, 1996 - Entertainment Weekly

Tom Hanks! - Liv Tyler! - New songs! - Old dances! - Small gadgets! - Big breaks! - Live from the set of "That Thing You Do!" Gosh kids, how hard could it be? You sway. You clap. You wiggle your fanny like Gidget down at the clambake. You cut loose with a bloodcurdling shriek...

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An interview with Tom Hanks

October 06, 1996 - The Virginian Pilot

Take another look at the beehive as a good-hair-day possibility. Renew that never-ending discussion about which was your favorite Beatle or even the pounding question about who was best - The Beatles or the Dave Clark Five.Nostalgia is coming at us with a vengeance. "Grease," the...

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That Thing You Do Interview


 You know, I'm going to have to tell you up front: I've had it with you. Two Oscars, everyone likes you, a great wife, and now directing your own film that you also wrote [THAT THING YOU DO]. Enough is enough, already. Patrick, stop now. My megalomania is already so close to the...

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Toy Wonder

December 08, 1995 - Entertainment Weekly

It almost didn't happen. It almost fell apart on Nov. 19, 1993 -- a date that the makers of Toy Story refer to as Black Friday. That was the day a creative team from Pixar Animation Studios brought to their bosses at Disney, who had already agreed to back the Toy Story project, a...

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Ground Control to Major Tom

June 23, 1995 - Entertainment Weekly

What appeals to the actor who has everything ? The moon, the stars and Apollo 13. It looks like a shark with wings. Long and thin, with a flattened shovel of a snout, the plane rolls across the tarmac at Ellington Field and stops just a few yards away from Tom Hanks. -- Hanks seems ready to...

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