AFI 30th Life Achievement Award (Tom Hanks)

Tom Hanks became the youngest recipient ever of the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award which recognizes a career in film. Many co-stars, directors and friends were present to pay tribute to Tom Hanks, such as Meg Ryan, Gary Sinise, Steven Spielberg, Jim Lovell and many more.

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S. Fish, December 30, 2014

Just saw the interview with you and Gayle King. Want to say thank you for all your wonderful work and for being such a wonderful person.

Pat Teel , April 22, 2016

Tom, just watched the AFI AWARDS on my iPad for the 10th time; 9 on t.v. 15 yrs ago once on this medium. I cannot express what you mean to me, as an actor and as a human being. These words are nothing new to you I'm sure as many, many others around the world have expressed the same. But these are My words from My heart. I'm 12 yrs. your senior so thank God I'm not old enough to be your! But have a family who know all too well my love and respect that I feel for you. I have one son, Mark, born July 7th,1965 who is you doppelgänger in looks, sweet nature and humor. He's been likened to you all his life and I couldn't be prouder. This is how I say what is in my heart: I watched SPLASH with my mom when she was dying of cancer and even in her pain you made her laugh but more than that when you were bringing flowers to Madison and skipping in the hall with happiness my mother said, "Oh how sweet". Only you could make her feel that way. Ever since you have entered my sphere I've so wanted to meet you but that's only a pipe dream. You have a very special place deep in my heart simply because you are who you are. By the way I live in Paradise which I know you have visited because you had a friend here on HAZEL WAY. See! You've been so close and yet........maybe pipe dreams come true, I'll keep hoping. Love you Tom, you touch the very core of my soul. Please take good care of yourself. Pat

Michael Wang, May 08, 2016

without subtitle, it is difficult for me to catch the words in the celebration ...... I have seen all movies of Tom Hanks, those movies made me laugh, made me cry, gave me a good memories ....... Tom, Earn this, Earn it every day .......