Standing Up For Heroes - Tom Hanks Surprises Army Veteran Gabriel Posey

Army Staff Sgt. Gabriel Posey, who is returning from Afghanistan, finds out who he's paired with in the mentorship program.
Source : ABC News

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Melanie C Benton, March 31, 2013

I saw a commercial about the mentorship program and as delighted to see that veteran Gabriel Posey was selected to do a film industry project with Mr. Hanks.I think that is really cool. We can't do enough for our veterans! My own husband Gary Benton was in the USAF almost 27 years and put himself through college to get a Masters Degree in Psychology while on active duty. Gary now does writing, web design, graphics and is western fiction author W. R. Benton. Gary taught survival for over twelve years and is the head of Dancing Fox Publishing. Right now Gary has a book called War Paint that is slated to be a movie. I would love for Mr. Posey to share his story with my readers. Thank you!