Info on auditions for Maersk Alabama

October 27, 2011


mimi, November 14, 2011

is there going to be more auditions for Maersk Alabama? i am a born african that lives in Nevada, that would like to audition do you guys have any information for any more castings going on for this production?

Virginie (Webmaster), November 14, 2011

Hi mimi, we've just heard of that specific audition for now. I don't know if there will be more. Sorry.

Guled ismail, November 19, 2011

hi, Will you be coming to London, England? Would love to get an opportunity to audition. Please let me know if possible.

Jim Gallagher, December 02, 2011

I work as a armed maritime security advisor and security officer. I have just finished a 9 week transit and my ship was attacked and fired upon. I have real time experience of the current threat and would like to offer my services as an advisor for the film.

mohamed mohamed, December 06, 2011

i just had audition with hubbard casting they came to manchester. dan hubbard is the uk casting director based in London. give these guys a ring on 02076314944 14 rathbone place london W1T 1HT

Rick Jordan, January 25, 2012

You are making the Captain of the Alabama look like a hero, he's a moron. The Chief Engineer and the U.S Navy are the ones that need to get the credit.

Randy E. Black, February 01, 2012

Four days ago I submitted to from Las Vegas, NV. 21 years as a Merchant Mariner. No mention of age or race was mentioned in the newspaper article. No reply as of yet, guess they are researching whither or not if I'm really Black.

prefer not to say, March 08, 2012

I was on the USS Bainbridge during the showdown and rescue. As a recent Veteran, I would be interested to speak with any writers or designers about the Navy perspective.

Raymond Peter Vicari, April 05, 2012

I sent my own video to maritimecasting in L.A ,and have been a merchant seaman for 34 years ,also a member of the S.I.U , I was told that U.K seaman were going to be in Maersk Alabama movie.Mr Tom Hanks this is a U.S Flag Vessel,this is an insult to American Merchant Seaman that wanted to be in the movie.

Jorge H Schulz, April 07, 2012

I oversaw the receipt and security of Captain Richards,collection of evidence, fingerprinting of the dead bodies with NCIS and oversaw the processing to include his surgery, admitting his true age before departure to NY for his trial. So if you have any questions to the facts to include picking up the frogs please email me.