Talk show & The Pacific premiere

February 25, 2010


jerry b baker, March 05, 2010

Mr. Hanks, I want to say I really liked what you did about the WWII Memorial because my Dad was a decorated hero in the war and I was a co-sponsor and am a lifetime charter member of the WWII Memorial society but your actions on a video bit I saw appalled me! You mocked me an American Patriot who has a desire to keep this country like it was when my Dad fought for it! A moral country with God and the Bible as it's foundation! Shame on you Mr. Hanks! Disappointed, jerry b baker <><

Patriot, March 07, 2010

Wow!!!Tom...did you miss this one...I wore the uniform...I was there...I couldn't believe what I was were one of my heroes...what happened to you...The man doesn't want to help this nation...he wants to destroy it...not a Christian country??? our Declaration of Independence and our Constition are based on the Christian Pligrim beliefs and morals..not the Puritans extremism much akin to the Taliban...a kind and wise man??? ....where is your head...he wants to destroy the very foundation that this country was built on...that is exactly what his "change" is all about just don't get sad.