Parkland : cast announcements and press release

February 03, 2013


Leroy Blevins Sr, April 20, 2013

Lee H Oswald did not kill JFK. I spend 8 years analyzing all films and images that was taken on Nov.22,1963 and I found new evidence that was over looked. I have done a report on my findings and in this report I show real images of the gunmen on the grassy knoll they were in shelter number 3 right behind Mr.Zapruder. These images shows both gunmen with rifles and aiming their rifles and firing their rifles from shelter number 3. There were 7 gunmen there that day and they fired 11 shots that day. JFk was shot 3 times and Gov.Connally was shot two times. To see this new evidence here is my site on my report. The JFK Assassination report

Jeff, August 09, 2013

"...that *were* taken..."