David Letterman : video & photos

December 17, 2011 - 0 comment

As always, you can expect a very entertaining interview when Tom Hanks is on The Late Show with David Letterman ! A 25-minute interview where Tom Hanks types on Dave's laptop, kisses America (or rather the camera ?) under the mistletoe, talks about Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Cloud Atlas and his time in Germany as well as a fake project for HBO about Pop-Tarts, a brand of rectangular, pre-baked toaster pastries. In other words : when Tom Hanks is on this show, anything can happen. You can watch and download the interview in our videos. Enjoy !


Actually Tom Hanks went to the Ed Sullivan Theater, where the show is recorded, both on December 14 and 15, probably to film the bit about Pop-Tarts on December 14. We've added some photos to our gallery.


Videos : two old talk show appearances

October 09, 2011 - 0 comment

Let's go back in time! We added two talk show appearances to our video archive. The first video is Tom Hanks's very first appearance on the talk show hosted by David Letterman. He was there in 1984 to promote the movie Splash, directed by Ron Howard, but Tom Hanks decided not to show the promotional clip.
The second video is Tom Hanks's appearance on Primetime Glick that aired on Comedy Central on February 23, 2002. If you don't know Jiminy Glick, you'll probably be very suprised by this interview.


The last video we added is an interview Tom Hanks gave for the French television about Larry Crowne. It was made in Paris, in June 2011 but aired on TF1 in July. You'll find it in the Foreign Interviews section of our archive. 


People's Choice Awards : eight (old) videos

September 19, 2011 - 0 comment

We've added eight videos of the People's Choice Awards ceremonies that took place over the years. You can click on each thumbnail to access the respective video.
The first two videos are from 1995 when Tom Hanks won the award for Favorite Actor in a Dramatic Motion Picture and and when along with Gary Sinise and Mykelti Williamson, he accepted the award for Favorite Motion Picture for Forrest Gump.


At the 22nd People's Choice Awards ceremony, Tom Hanks was back on stage to accept the awards of Favorite Actor in a Motion Picture and Favorite Actor in a Dramatic Picture, while Apollo 13 won the award for Favorite Motion Picture.


In 2002, Tom Hanks won once again the awards for Favorite Motion Picture Actor and Favorite Motion Picture Star in Drama and the next year, Rita Wilson, Nia Vardalos, Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman and others accepted the award for Favorite Comedy Motion Picture won by My Big Fat Greek Wedding at the 29th People's Choice Awards.


The last two videos are Leslie Nielsen telling an anecdote about Tom Hanks before presenting the nominees for Favorite Comedy Motion Picture and Tom Hanks accepting via satellite the award for Favorite All Time Entertainer at the 30th Annual People's Choice ceremony.


If you want to know more about Tom Hanks's nominations and awards over the course of his entire career, we've got a whole section dedicated to them.

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