Captain Phillips : interviews, photoshoots & covers...

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We are just two days away from the New York Film Festival where Captain Phillips will premiere. In the meantime, Tom Hanks has appeared on the cover of Parade Magazine on September 22 and will be on the cover of Hollywood Reporter on October 4 along with co-star Barkhad Abdi. You can see these two covers in our gallery and read the articles in our press archive.


We've also added a quote from Paul Greengrass who talked to Parade magazine about working with Tom Hanks. You can read the full quote in our Quote from others section.

"I just love him as an actor. He’s given me so many of my treasured moments in the cinema. [...] We did it in just a couple of takes; it felt intensely real. [...] Tom has that ability to be so entirely in the moment." - Paul Greengrass -

These two magazines also published photoshoots of Tom Hanks with the real Captain Phillips and with Barkhad Abdi. You can click on each thumbnail to access the respective photoshoot. Hollywood Reporter even has a video interview of Tom Hanks and Barkhad Abdi. You can watch it here.


Five new movie stills have also been revealed by Sony Pictures. You can click on the thumbnails to see them in our gallery.


Captain Phillips : TV spot, interview & poster

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A new TV spot for Captain Phillips, entitled "Survival", has been released by the studio. There aren't really any new images from the movie but you can still watch it and download it in HD in our videos.


We've added to our audio files a short interview from June 2013 where Tom Hanks talks with Hollywood Outbreak about the filming of Captain Phillips and what it was like to shoot on an actual ship that would leave port and come back every day.

Also, a Korean poster for the movie was released. It features a new picture of Tom Hanks. You can see it in our gallery by clicking on the image.

Captain Phillips : reviews, TV spots & photos

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Captain Phillips is just a month away from its release in the United States and Canada. Who's excited? We know we are! Especially after reading the latest reviews the movie has been getting. Meanwhile, two movie stills and a poster have been added to the gallery.


You can also watch and download in HD two TV spots in our videos that feature new images from the movie and reviews from the magazine Rolling Stone.


The movie was screened at the beginning of the Toronto Film Festival last week, hence the reviews the movies has been getting in the past couple of days. The vast majority of the reviews is extremely good and most of the reporters see awards nominations coming later this year. All of them acclaim Tom Hanks's performance as Captain Phillips, saying that it is his best work of the last ten years. We've compiled these reviews in our press archive, and you can read some extracts below. 

"[…] But more powerful even than that is Hanks' stunned response to the attack and his emotional aftermath. Hysteria, delayed reaction, wordless silence — these have been seen many times in dramatized accounts of traumatic events. But Hanks has come up with something different, a rendering of a state of shock quite unique in which his altered condition stands in extreme contrast to the routine questions and reassurances of the attending nurse. It's an extraordinary scene, one for which there is little precedent. […]"
Todd McCarthy - Hollywood Reporter
"[…] Tom Hanks gives his best performance of the last 10 years (there's a money scene at the film's crescendo that I'm still thinking about). […]"
Mike Ryan - The Huffington Post
"[…]Tom Hanks has once again managed to find an emotional performance to add to his impressive body of work. He never overdoes it here but it’s his compassion, together with Abdi’s performance, that humanizes Captain Phillips out of being just another America, Fuck Yeah movie.[…]"
Sasha Stone - Awards Daily
"[…]an emotional beat at the end […] presents Hanks with an opportunity (which he seizes) to dig up something we haven't seen from him in quite a while.
Throughout the film, Hanks' Phillips is cool, collected, calculating, but always warm and human. It's a controlled piece of work from the beginning, but in the character's moment of rescue (it shouldn't be a spoiler that Phillips made it out of there alive, and if it is, watch more news), there's such a magic, genuine touch from the actor that the tears come. That's how you leave the film, and that's going to go a long way toward securing the actor some momentum in an intensely crowded category.[…]"
Kristopher Tapley - HitFix
"[…] this impeccably well-made, gripping but grim survival tale should spark a flurry of awards buzz for star Tom Hanks and powerful Somali newcomer Barkhad Abdi, but may prove too grueling to make major waves with Academy voters or the multiplex crowd.[…] No one in movies today, with the possible exceptions of Kathryn Bigelow and Ken Loach, does you-are-there realism better than Greengrass."
Scott Foundas - Variety
"[…] Hanks is at his very best before the key sequence in Paul Greengrass' new film should provide Oscar prognosticators with all they need to know about the 57-year-old actor's awards chances.[…] "Captain Phillips" stands at the very top of the recent spate of thinking-persons' action films. […] The reason is Hanks, who gives the type of performance everyone has wanted to see from Tom Hanks since the early 2000s.[…] Just know that "Captain Phillips" is one of those truly terrific movies that everyone hopes to see in the fall. It's riveting filmmaking."
Christopher Rosen - The Huffington Post
"[…]Director Paul Greengrass (United 93) and Tom Hanks, as Phillips, shun the usual rah-rah to create a knockout movie, one of the year's best, with a this-just-in urgency. Greengrass' docudrama approach is raw and riveting. And Hanks, showing how trauma eats at the soul, hits a new career peak."
Rolling Stone
"[…]What audiences are likely to remember longest about Captain Phillips is how gripping it is from the moment the Somalis enter the picture until the moment they exit it -- thanks in no small part to rapid-fire editing and thumping music -- and how good it is to see Hanks really acting again. His performance in Captain Phillips, particularly late in the film, ranks among his finest. Thirteen years after his last Oscar nomination, for Cast Away, it's good to have him back."
Scott Feinberg - Hollywood Reporter
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