Tom Hanks @ Sony 2009 CES

January 08, 2009

Tom Hanks made an unexpected appearance at the 2009 Sony Consumer Electronic Show, in Las Vegas today. He "singlehandedly stole the show, mocking the scripted lines Sony had written for him detailing how much he loved the company's products. "They write the lies, I tell the truth," Hanks joked to loud laughs from the audience."

Apparently, they also showed a new trailer of Angels & Demons, never seen on the Internet before.

"Everywhere I turn in this world, I see the name, Sony. Sony! Sony! Sony! I show up on the set and there it is on the camera: Sony," he read from the script, before adding, "Really? I have yet to see that." (Tom Hanks)

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And you can judge by yourself of Tom Hanks's hilarious appearance with this video, posted on Youtube. Enjoy !