Joe Jonas to work in Tom Hanks's new TV show

September 23, 2010

Asked by Ryan Seacrest about a recent studio sighting, Joe Jonas, one of the members of The Jonas Brothers, revealed that Tom Hanks is working on a new TV show and that he asked Joe Jonas to be part of it.

"That day you spotted me, I saw the photo [of me leaving the recording studio]. I was actually doing something with Tom Hanks that day. A little bit of a different studio something. He's working on a new TV show, so you'll see that pretty soon, and he asked me to be a part of it."

We don't know yet if it's a project we have already heard about, like The Long Fall for example, or something else. We'll keep you updated.

You can see the video of Joe Jonas's interview below. He talks about it from 1'03.