Electric City : Tom Hanks's new project

October 01, 2010

Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman have a new project in development : it's not a movie, not a miniseries or TV Show but something completely new. Electric City will be an animated sci-fi series that will be shown on the Web in 20 three-minute installments which will offer a view of the future civilization, focusing on socially conscious themes like energy consumption, the freedom of information and crime and punishment.

Later, it could eventually be spun off into other media : An Online Social Game, a Application/Mobile Game, Webisodes and Mobisodes will be interlinked to create a multi-platform digital experience. It is said the story lends itself perfectly to a multi-player browser game application for social networking sites and mobile devices.

Electric City was conceived and written by Tom Hanks himself and should arrive on the Web early next year.
Tom Hanks's Playtone production company has teamed up with Reliance Big Entertainment of India (RBE) to create this project.

You can read an article, published in The New York Times in the press archive


Lenora Blackburn, October 02, 2010

CRAZY!!! You just never know what Tom will come up with next. I wonder if his brother Jim will team up with him on this project?????