Toy Story 3 : new videos & photos

June 10, 2010

We're getting closer to the theatrical release of Toy Story 3 every day. Two new featurettes, respectively "Voice Talent" and "Old Friends, New Places" and in which you can see Tom Hanks & Tim Allen during recording sessions, have been added to our video archives. You can also find an interview of Tom Hanks about the movie. You can watch another funny video with Tom Hanks & Tim Allen talking to Extra TV on their website.


We've also added 12 HQ movie stills of the movie to the gallery.


Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), who plays Julia Roberts's husband, talked to ComingSoon about Larry Crowne and Tom Hanks.

And you're being directed by Tom Hanks now?
We're doing a movie called "Larry Crowne," which we're having a blast on and Tom is directing. He wrote it, he's starring in it. Julia Roberts, and it's just too much fun. It really is. We're having a great time and we should be finishing soon and that will probably come out, I would say, early next year is my guess. I play Julia's husband. He's sort of an under employed ne'er-do-well, misunderstood sycophant, if I can put all those together.

It sounds a good opportunity for you to get back to some comedy?
[...] To be able to play younger and more vibrant and active and to be even thought of as a possible match to Julia Roberts was huge for me. I owe Tom Hanks everything for that. In fact, he took me up on that. I have to wash his car once a week for the next six weeks. 

I imagine Tom keeps his car in pretty clean.
Because of that he's messy now. He'll spill coke in there, like, 'Don't forget that. Look at that.'