Larry Crowne : trailer & official website !

March 17, 2011

The official website for Tom Hanks's upcoming movie Larry Crowne is up. You can read the story, watch the trailer and see the movie stills. We've added the HD trailer to the archives so that you can either watch it or download it in high quality.


We've also added the five new HQ movie stills to the gallery.


We remind you that Larry Crowne is Tom Hanks's second movie as a director and that he also co-wrote it with Nia Vardalos. The movie will be released on July 1st in the United States and in the United Kingdom.
I don't know about you but I love the trailer, and yes, it looks like Tom Hanks is back to comedy, for our greatest pleasure ! What did you think of the trailer ?


Cheryl Ryan, March 17, 2012

Mr. Hanks, I am very disappointed that you have inserted your celebrity into the reelection of President Obama. I have supported you and your family’s lifestyle by spending my hard earned money on your movies as well as purchasing your movies on tape & DVD. As of now I will no longer contribute to your future earnings. Respectfully, Cheryl Ryan

Taulant Halili, May 30, 2012

We Want another film from Meg Ryan and You! The Last Romance.

S.Tarik Salt, July 14, 2012

although I am not fun/opposite of Obama Hanks celebrity won't be enough to keep him in white room, don't worry my friend, all the best..

Mr. Johanson, September 03, 2012

"Forest Gump" the best film!!!

Bugra Kuran, October 14, 2012

Dear Mr. Hanks As a Turkish fun of you,but besides as an admirer of JFK, I am very unhappy about your project with Buglouisi, who is repeating like a parrot. the lies of Warren Commission.This also disturbs many Americans.

Conny, November 11, 2012

Hey, Mr. Hanks, love your films, yeah yeah I do. But: please stop this zdf-problem! The situation is bad enough. We had this show for 25 years, Europe watched - and no one cared. But this guy (Samuel Koch) was badly injured, Thomas Gottschalk felt to leave, a new one comes... and... well... we germans are shocked. This show has always been 3 hours, once a month and, sorry, hate me, but its nice, the stars stay for hours. We only see the Hollywood-Stars on travel, on red carpets and in interviews. But 'Wetten, dass...?' gives a little bit more. Just a little bit. And at the moement Lanz´s humor does not always strike, I see that point. Its done, Mr. Hanks, you survived. Give us Europeans our moment with the Stars. We only have this bad show. Would you come to smaller ones, less publicity, more fun, we would love. But, oh, come on! Sorry, had to say this... Still lovin your work, Conny

DianeKell1, January 08, 2013

Hi Tom! Gump and BIG are best-ever movie characters! In light of the Boomers interests, would you consider looking for a script involving Alzheimer treatment? Blessings! Diane

Linda, March 31, 2013

I just wanted to say that any and all work you have done with Mr Spielburg is awesome. I have been in love with American history. Especially any of your work from the period from President Lincoln through the present. it makes me sad that today's children do not know or appreciate some of great sacrifices families have made to maintain freedom which we know isn't free. For the last13 years I have loved your work and now letting my son see parts of certain movies. My husband was a marine and "the pacific "made him so proud of his daddy, to which his father told him , those marines before me and after I die will always be family. Keep doing what you do because it makes it easy for vets to open up as well as educate these young kiddos !!!!!!!