Larry Crowne : radio interview & video

June 17, 2011

First of all, here's the video of Jake Hamilton interviewing "his idol", Tom Hanks, in Dallas for the release of Larry Crowne. It's an interesting interview because the questions are different from those usually asked when promoting a movie. Jake Hamilton tweeted several times about this interview, saying for example :

Talking with @tomhanks was one of the single greatest moments, experiences and interviews of my entire life. I'm walking on clouds right now

You can watch the interview in our archive.


While in Dallas, Tom Hanks talked to Gene & Julie from 103.7 Lite FM about the Dallas Mavericks, the State Fair of Texas, babies, and his new movie Larry Crowne. That was hilarious ! We've added the 12-minute interview to the audio clips, so you can listen to it and download it if you want.
We've also added the photos of his visit to the radio studios to the gallery. There were posted on their website.


Also, Tom Hanks & Julia Roberts will be on Access Hollywood today at 7:30 pm on NBC. Tom Hanks will also be on this weekend's CBS Sunday Morning at 9-10:30 am. Don't miss it and if you can, please, help us get our hands on this !