Tom Hanks promoting Lucky Guy : videos

June 02, 2013

Tom Hanks stopped by several talk shows lately to discuss his Broadway debut in Lucky Guy and his Tony nomination for his portrayal of Mike McAlary. In the course of several days, he was on CBS This Morning, Morning Joe and Charlie Rose. You can watch all three interviews in our videos, as well as a short clip of Tom hanks stopping by the control room of the show Morning Joe.


Tom Hanks also discussed Nora Ephron, being a grandfather, the Reader's Digest's poll about the most trusted person in America and the miniseries he made honoring the veterans. Tom Hanks was joined by co-star Courtney B. Vance, director George C. Wolfe and Jacob Bernstein, son of Nora Ephron, for the interview with Charlie Rose.



Janie, June 02, 2013

You're the best Tom! Tell us the moral to thus play. That no one today is as responsible for what they write anymore. In those days bad, untrue info would wreck their the reporters lives as well. Not today, not good! Love u Tom. I was there, by myself. A first, for you Tom! Friend me on Facebook. Mary Jane Condon Sipala ! Thanks!