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December 03, 2009

In the audio clips, you can find the full interview Tom Hanks gave when he was in Cleveland for the show Backstage With..., last October. You may have heard some extracts in the show Around Noon also available in the audio clips but this time the interview is one hour and 20 minutes long. Enjoy !

In this interview, we can learn that the project Boone's Lick, in which Tom Hanks was supposed to star or at least be involved, is on hold and may never be made.

"We had a book by Larry McMurtry called Boone's Lick. [...] It's a magnificent saga, beautiful characters, great location, here's the problem : it's a western.
And there you run into a problem with the industry. Today, there is a thought saying that westerns don't sell overseas, the genre is not attractive enough. So even though it is this great story and that we have a fabulous adaptation that Larry did of his magnificent book, we simply can't get it made because in order to do it right, it's an expensive movie... but in order for it to sell, they feel as though there's not enough ... the financial, economic model does not hold." [Tom Hanks]

We've added to the gallery some photos from the taping of the show. Let's hope we'll find the video one day...


On December 9, Tom Hanks will attend the world premiere of the movie It's Complicated staring Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin and Rita Wilson. The event will take place at the Paris Theatre in New York City starting at 7:00 PM.

And since December 1st, you can purchase the Blu-Ray edition of The Green Mile.


Jamie82, December 03, 2009

Ok. so Tom is gonna be at a premiere in New York City. On the 9th. I really wanna go there. I'll have to see if I can, depending on some things.