Tom Hanks : vice-president and A&D in DVD

August 20, 2009

Tuesday night, Tom Hanks was elected first vice president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, also known as the Oscars. He had previously served as vice president and treasurer of the Academy and is also the Actor Branch Governor. Therefore, we don't need to expect him to be reaching for a third trophy any time soon since this position of vice-president forbids him to campaign.

Photos from an interview for the French magazine Neo Planète have been added to the gallery. In the interview, Tom Hanks talked about the space program because of the 40th Anniversary of the moon landing. The photos look like they were been taken at the Angels & Demons press conference, back in May. The article was published in June and should be available on the French version of the site very soon.

In a new poll, Saving Private Ryan was voted the greatest ever war movie. It received more than a fifth of the vote.

We have more information on the DVD & Blu-Ray of Angels & Demons. You'll have the choice between two products : the simple (yet extended) version of the movie, and a bipack with Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code. The former, is a 7-minute extended version of the movie on one disc for the DVD and two discs for the Blu-Ray edition. The latter is a bipack of 4 discs both for the DVD and Blu-Ray. We don't have any information concerning bonus features yet. We're currently working on the videography, to provide you more detailed information.