Audio clip from 2006 & Toy Story

July 22, 2009

Back in May 2006, Tom Hanks was invited in the radio show called Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me! broadcasted on NPR (National Public Radio). Go to the audio clips to download his hilarious 17-minutes participation to the game called "You're the meanest, cruelest, nastiest drunkest lout in Hollywood." : three questions about some of Hollywood's biggest louts. Be prepared to hear Tom Hanks say "Damn you to hell !", for fun obviously.

Film website’s editors have named Toy Story's Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear - voiced by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen - the Best Animated Movie Characters Of All Time.
And speaking about Toy Story, you can read in the press archive an article entitled "Toy Wonder", that was released in December 1995 in the magazine Entertainment Weekly about the making of the animated feature.