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Captain LG LIMA, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

February 20, 2014

Dear Tom, I´d like to express my gratitudes to you about Captain Phillips movie wich one shows the true reality of Somali coast problems and the risk associated to all ships crossing the somali basin. As a Navy Captain retired and working as a ship´s Captain in the merchant navy there is no words to tell you how magnificent was this movie and the information broadcasted to the international maritime community and to the somali people. Important to mention as a WW II reader Save Private Ryan (1998) and Band of Brothers series about europe and pacific war including your meeting with Major Richard Winters were the most important world history to be released to the pople to undertsand our world life process. Once again congratulations for being one of the most respected actors in the world! God bless you and yours. Captain LG LIMA Abu Dhabi

Michael, Germany

December 27, 2013

Well, I',m a German boy from Lübeck, a city nearby Hamburg/Germany at the Baltic Sea. It's a graet honoeur for me to look your films. I have very much respect for your films and your roles you take. It is always a pleasure for me to take part of your very intersted films. What else can I say more that you are one of the best actor of our times today. Please do it like before. I'm not a man to do things like that, but while I#m looking 'Illuminati' on TV in Germany it's claer: You're the best for me. I like to see films like you do. My best wishes for you in common. Yüu're fan in Germany Michi

Maria for a friend, Germany

November 28, 2013

Dear fans, a very nice artist I got to know would like to give away this beautiful popart of handsome young Tom Hanks, if anyone should be interested, please let me know :-) She would be happy if it went to someone who really will love it. take care and thanks Maria

Norma Woodruff, Mishawaka, Indiana

October 19, 2013

Mr. Hanks: I have followed your movie career since it's beginning and in my 58 years find you to be one of the most versatile actors ever to hit the screen. You stand with a small group. Recently, my husband and I watched Forrest Gump (again). We never tire of the heart warming story and our trip through the times WE lived through with Forrest. Since this last viewing, I have pondered over and over in my mind what it might be like to see an Old Forrest in a movie. I know a true classic can never be "re-done". This is just a thought that keeps meandering in my head. As I have grown older and feel the aches and pains of two knee replacements and arthritis and the delight of grandchildren, I wondered "what would Forrest do"? Kindest Regards, Norma Woodruff

Kathleen Parkes, Earth

September 26, 2013

Tom- I don't know if you go here or this is a fan based site. But, thank you so much for letting me stay in your movie 'THAT THING YOU DO'..( for 3 weeks!) though you know my hair was artificial black ( after I messed it Up from trying to dye it the right color!) & you yelled out to your hair dresser- 'DO SOMETHING WITH HER HAIR'!! LOL.and then it rained and made it worse! But, thank you so much for letting me stay and dance dance dance and then giving me that big smile of approval the last day of shooting!

Trish , Canada

June 03, 2013

I see that you are in pre-production for the HBO movie Lizzie Borden, however there is very little info provided. I have heard rumours that shooting will be starting this summer in Atlantic Canada. Can you give us some further details on this project?

Raoul, Haarlem, The Netherlands

May 17, 2013

Tom, I think your parents are really thankfull that you exist. Have you ever wondered why they gave you a first name starting with T? T. Hanks Love your work, I Really enjoy your movies. THanks :)

Mihaila, Bulgaria

January 20, 2013

Great site! I love it!! Thanks for everything guys! :) All the best!

Michael Johanson, Tashkent(Uzbekistan)

December 04, 2012

I respect you, Forest Gump!

DanceDad, Austria

November 05, 2012

Hallo Tom ! Der Großteil von Österreicher und auch von Deutschen haben Ihren Auftritt bei "Wetten dass ..." als sehr unterhaltsam empfunden. Sie haben die Sendung durch Ihre nette Art bereichert und mit dieser "Normalität" trotzdem nicht Ihren "Star"-Status als wirkliche Hollywoodgröße gefährdet. Seien Sie klug und zerstören diese für uns so dringend notwendige Ablenkung von wirklichen Problemen dieser Welt nicht durch dumme Wortmeldungen bei diversen Radiosendern (RRB). Es ist unter Ihrer Würde, sie haben sowas nicht notwendig. Markus Lanz hat Sie fair und nett behandelt und zu nichts gezwungen ?! Ich freue mich auf ein baldiges Widersehen im TV , im Kino werde ich Sie sicher demnächst wieder sehen ! Yours John
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